Spaw Services

Spaw services

The prices listed below are a guideline for our services. They offer a starting point to determine your pet’s individual needs and are subject to change depending on the condition of your pet’s coat and their temperament.

Extra Small – Under 10 lbs.
Small Dog – 10 lbs. – 25 lbs.
Medium Dog – 25 lbs. – 45 lbs.
Large Dog – 45 lbs. – 65 lbs.
X Large Dog – 65 lbs. – 85 lbs.
Mega Breeds – Over 85 lbs.

Tier 1 – Pampering Bath & Brush:
Includes two shampoos, conditioner, nail trim, ear cleaning and anal gland expression.
Extra Small $35
Small $40
Medium $50
Large $60
Extra Large $70
Mega Breed $80

Tier 2 – Tidy up, F3, Perimeter Trim, Puppy’s First Bath
Includes Tier 1 services with the addition of minor trimming and scissoring. Tier 2 is best for breeds that require cleaning up of the face, feet and sanitary areas (F3) and for puppies to get accustomed to the grooming process.
Extra Small $40
Small $45
Medium $55
Large $65
Extra Large $75
Mega Breed $85

Tier 3 – Bath & Brush with Shave:
Includes all Tier 1 services and a short haircut with a max of 2 hair lengths (i.e. one length on the body, one length on the head).
Extra Small $50
Small $55
Medium $65
Large $75
Extra Large $85
Mega Breed $95

Tier 4 – Full Groom with Pattern Haircut
Includes Tier 1 services with a breed specific pattern haircut, multiple shave lengths, and top notch finishing. Includes free nail dremel.
Extra Small $65
Small $70
Medium $75
Large $85
Extra Large $95
Mega Breed $105

Tier 5 – Full Groom for Poodles and Doodles
All of the services included in our Tier 4 treatment with the addition of the extra time and skill required for poodles and doodles.
Small $70 – $80
Medium $85 – $100
Large $100 – $130
Extra Large $120 – $140
Mega Breed $120 – $200

Express Groom Upgrade $20: Dog done from start to finish with no kennel time. Morning appointments only.
De-shed Treatment $10: Includes de-shed conditioner & extra brushing
Special Shampoo $5: Oatmeal, Medicated, or Flea & Tick
Anal Gland Expression $15 (without bath)
Separate Nail Trim $10
Dremmel Nail Grinding $15 à la carte, $5 with groom
Teeth Brushing $10 à la carte, $5 with groom
Feathers $5
Bows or Bandannas $3
Hair dying: Non-toxic vibrant colors add some pop to your pup. $10 per area (i.e. ears only is $10, ears and tail is $20). All-over: $50
Brush Out $15+: Keep your pup tangle-free in between baths.

No Show/Cancellation Fee $20 Per Pet. We require notification of any cancellation by 8am the day of the appointment or fee will be applied to the next visit.
Late Drop Off $10 Per Pet. Please call us if you are going to be more than 15 minutes late. Fee applies if you are 30+ minutes late.
Late Pick Up $10 Per Pet. We close at 7pm Mon thru Fri, 6pm on Sat, and 5pm on Sun. If you are going to be late please call us.Fee applies for every 15 minutes you are late.
Oversize Pets $5: If your pet is oversize for the breed, fee may apply.
Matted Coat $15 for excessive matting requiring up to 30 minutes of extra brushing, $5 per 5 minutes thereafter. Includes gentle de-matting conditioning treatment.
Ticks, Lice, Contagious Bugs $50 + Full Groom Fee: Includes extra bath with flea & tick shampoo and the time required to sanitize the entire salon.
Special Handling Fee (aggressive or difficult dogs): If your pet requires additional time and/or an additional assistant to get the grooming completed, an extra fee will be accessed.
Dog Bite $100 + Full Groom Fee in cases of serious bites that require medical attention.

Welcome to your pet’s new Happy Place

We make no apologies for spoiling our furry friends. When you bring your pup or kitty in for a spa service, the stylist checking your pet in will take the time to discuss the specific services you want and make note of any special needs your furry friend might have. We take the time to get to know you and your pet and your stylist handles the groom from start to finish. Our salon is focused on creating a peaceful experience for all of our clients.

Safe, professional stylists

Our groomers are passionate about their work and their love of animals. All of our stylists have many years of experience and are continuously polishing their skills at grooming seminars and workshops. We strive to provide a gentle grooming experience for your beloved companion while keeping current with the latest in grooming trends. Our groomers are all highly valued team members and have been providing our clients with services for a minimum of three years. You can rest assured that your fur baby will get nothing but the best in quality and care.